Cuddle Torture

At 10pm Chael came into the livingroom wanting to go to bed with me for his “second bedtime” ( he went to bed at 9pm, then woke up at my usual bedtime 10pm so that we could cuddle when I laid down).

I told him I’d be there in a minute and at about 10:15 I got ready for bed. I had to go wake him in his room as he’d dozed back off. We went to my room, put on the computer TV background show, and spooned up.

Thus began the Cuddle Torture.

Normally we cuddle for 15-45 minutes before Chael goes back to his room when he wakes up after a bit. During this time he sleeps and I lay there awake, as I can’t fall asleep in that position. I just enjoy the snuggling for that time. I’m used to it, no problem.

Two hours later he’s still in the bed and I’m still not asleep.

And so the mental debate started… Do I end our nice close time so I can get on my stomach and finally go to sleep? Or do I lay there and suck it up and let him sleep?

It became so hard laying there vacillating between the two while at the same time having the tension of wondering he was getting up every time he moved.

It ended up being the latter and after a bit longer he got up and I could pass out.

Ugh, it was, as I said, torture.

I got a good night’s sleep after that, though, and after I got up he came into my room where I’d laid back down for a little bit as I waited for the morning grogginess to fade and gave me some kisses before he headed to work.

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