Past Slave

I had a wonderful domestic slave when I was living in Augusta, GA. He’d see me a couple or more times a week after work, doing chores, helping me re-do the front yard together, playing when I felt like it…

Well, we’d lost touch after I moved. I think we may have exchanged an email or two, but don’t recall. The distance basically ending things too soon for us. I haven’t talked to him in about 2 or so years.

He just popped up and messaged me on CollarMe out of the blue!

So I just sent him a message back about what I’m up to and asked him some similar questions. Gave me a big smile at the end of today!


On other topics, I got my Lush order in today. Was fast. It’s mostly gifts for my mom but there were some things for us. Since Chael became vegan I’ve been shifting over the things that weren’t vegan in the house that he used…

…Got some new Washday Greens shampoo for him and a bottle of Dirty Springwash shower gel for both of us. Then for my feets I bought a new jar of Fair Trade Foot Lotion and Volcano Foot Mask .

Chael’s out buying margarine so that I can have some mashed potatoes with Tofurky Gravy.

Not sure what tonight’s massage will be.

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