Busting Out the Table

Chael’s in the process of busting out the massage table. Tonight’s rub is my back as it got a heavy workout from BodyCombat with all the punches.

Chael had to take it easy on the treadmill; his back was hurting a lot this evening.

(Time Passes)

Rub done.

I told Chael I needed him to focus on my upper back mostly and not so much on my lower. So, he gets out an oil he’s been trying to use on me lately at times – I say “trying” because while it’s possible to massage me with it, it’s not that easy. My skin is really dry by nature so if he uses something like oil (rather than a thick cream like the Fair Trade Foot Lotion) my skin just slurps it up. He has to put extra on me and rub me before it all absorbs haha.

So, Chael puts a blanket on the table because I tend to get cold during our rubs, so we’ve been trying it with a blanket to lay on rather than the table itself which can be cool. Well, I still end up shivering by the end. This time I got on the blanket and Chael took the initiative with my never even thinking about it, much less suggesting it: he wrapped me up hips-down with the sides and end of the blanket so that only my upper body was uncovered for the massage.

It was a wonderful, considerate sweetness.

Then I hear him open the oil bottle and rattle the glass dropper around a little to start using it and I look up. He sees me and says, “I meant to put this in the freezer…”. I respond that he’s a smart-ass.

Chael starts dripping the oil on me from the dropper and then starts pressing the hollow tip against me and lifting it making little tiny suction-pops against my skin. I turn my head a little and ask, “what are you doing?”. He answers in a silly tone that he’s making little poppy-kisses.

I just lay my head back down and close my eyes with a bit of a smirk on my face and in my thoughts. A smart-ass, yep.

The rub proceeds and it’s very nice, he’s focusing on my upper back but paying attention to it all. As he does occasionally go over my lower back I can feel I have more tension there than I thought. Finally….

Me: I need you to kinda pull on my lower back
Him: Along here (shows with his hands) along the spine?
Me: along the cords of muscle that run up each side of the spine, yeah there (as he touches them).
Him: (teasingly) You said you didn’t need your lower back rubbed.
Me: (mouthy) I was wrong.

Massage continues very nicely and ends. He starts to pull the table partly back to where we keep it off to the side of the livingroom. I’m focusing on other things and turn to see him up on it, on all fours, in the process of trying to grab me from the behind with this “I’m being sneaky and playful and gonna get her” face. And he stops because he got caught but still smiles at me and makes a show of putting his hands back down like he feels apologetic. This gives me a grin and a little laugh.

I look at him and I get an urge/idea.

Me: Would you like a back rub?
Him: That would be nice.
Me: (in a hard, self-mocking, ordering tone) Then lie down!

I massage his back using that same oil that works just fine on him. He is happy.

I went and washed the excess oil off my hands, he got up, I sat down with my ipad to type this and he’s now in his room watching old Dr. Who’s on his laptop in bed (well, his blankets on the floor).

Pleasant way to end a night. I’m going to get some soy yogurt or something out of the kitchen for my last meal today.

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