Gym Requirements

I’m healthy again and so we’re back to the gym tonight. I did an hour long Zumba class while Chael did treadmill walking and I think some weights, didn’t ask if he added that today.

I go daily, minimum of an hour of exercise. He’s required to come and do an hour of something, too. Mostly cardio but with weights some days. I haven’t set him on a specific regimen yet, I’m just focused on him getting into the everyday habit. He doesn’t really get much out of PT in the mornings and after he retires he’ll have to do daily gym time with me, so I decided he needs to start now.

He wants to lose a lot of weight so he’s been being more aware of what he eats, too.

He wants to be thinner for Camp Crucible this year so he’ll feel more comfortable naked or running around in a loin cloth.

Tonight’s rub was a head massage and relaxing hair smoothing and pulling while I sat between his legs and leaned back against his chest. It felt very sweet and intimate.

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