Travel and Dinner

So we traveled an 8 hour round-trip to Chael’s parents’ house near Houston to visit for a couple hours and drop off a large amount of stuff for them to yard sale at his mom’s church.

It was a less awkward visit than usual… They’re really nice people, but in a way that makes me uncomfortable…. Like I feel like they’d be nice to me even if they couldn’t stand me. Coming from the family and area of the world I do, this makes me very uneasy.

The drives were long but bearable. Chael drove down as I played on my ipad and chatted. I drove back and we listened to my music and chatted.

On the way back we stopped at an Indian place for lunch and had some yummy food. An aspect directly attached to our having an FLR: I decide what we’ll both eat and I order.

Before the food we visited the Texas Prison Museum and I took a picture of the actual electric chair they used to use.

At a gas station on the way home Chael bought me two animal hats, a cow and an owl. Then I wore the cow and he wore the owl while we went to stores and lunch.

Right now he’s cooking me dinner and we’re settling in to watch Star Wars.




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