I decided on what I wanted for Christmas from Chael this year yesterday.

On there was a pair of hand-carved dragon earrings made out of fossilized mammoth tusk. I’d been lusting after them for months thinking about buying them then telling myself they were too expensive, then doing that again and again.

I got a notice that they were having a 25% off sale today for Black Friday so I asked Chael if he’d be willing to get them for me and he said yes!

This morning when going to buy them he noticed what I had not: there was a note on the selling page that they weren’t part of the sale (presumably because they are a one of a kind item).

I was sad and said “oh no!” He said, “we’ll, I’m just going to have to get them for you anyways” in a teasing and sweet tone (he’s been subject to my vacillation on them these past couple-three months lol).

So they were ordered this morning and might be delivered today as BAF is about 1 hour from us and when they ship them in the morning sometimes it arrives the same day. At latest they’ll be here tomorrow.

So excited and happy towards him.


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