Three Current Rules

Three things:

No Diet Pop

I’ve been working with Chael on these for a while and he,s recently been doing very well on them.

He chose to go lacto-ovo veggie about 7 years ago, about a year after I did, due to his Buddhism. I’ve long since made the transition to vegan and have been trying to get him switched over, too. He’d do we’ll for a bit, then fall back, over and over. I could appreciate this as I had a hard time transitioning. I told him again a few weeks ago that I seriously want him to make the change now.

So far, so good. His approach has been much different this time and that’s been the key difference. In the past I’ve expressed that I’d prefer he be vegan and he’s made an effort toward trying. This time I told him that I seriously wanted to make the change now. So, a bit after we were in the veggie meats section picking up some things and we got only the vegan stuff… We walked away and he said, “I guess I’m vegan now?” I said, “yep!” And he’s been vegan. He’s taken it on as something he is rather than something he’s trying.

I’m very proud of him.

Chael has a bad habit of not drinking enough water and instead living on regular soda (pre-diabetic) or diet soda (diabetic). So he’s “under orders” to drink water instead. He bought a bottle for it and so far drinks at least one a day. After he’s well in the habit I’ll up his daily requirement.

So far so good.

As mentioned above, he used to drink WAY too much soda. When he found out he was diabetic he switched to way too much diet soda. As artificial sweeteners are unnecessary to ingest and may have negative effects on health and weight (which he’s trying to lose) he’s not to regularly drink anything with artificial sweeteners. He does now once in a great while, but it’s not at all the norm.

It’s coming along well.

And, with a sudden loud burst of Gangnam Style from his room, I’m ending this note.

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