In the kitchen earlier something occurred to me…. I had Chael kneel and hug me around the waist like we sometimes do.

With our heights that puts his face exactly between my breasts.

This realization occurs after a failed attempt to surprise force him to kneel; I grabbed his collar and started to pull him towards me and down… And he just turned and started to hug me and I gave him a disgruntled hug back.

“What’s the matter?”
“I was pulling down
“I was trying to make you kneel”
“You gotta pull harder”

He wasn’t being an ass, he was joking because he totally missed what I was trying to do.

There go some of my Dom Points.


Relating to the kitchen part, he just came in to tell me he’s mostly cleaned the kitchen and may be making the orange sauce for tomorrow’s Fall Anniversary Meal tonight. And now he’s in his room tinkering with the guitar I bought him last Christmas.

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