Service and Sweetness

Chael comes home early from work today, as is a common theme lately. He’s brought the sushi I mentioned in Twitter and places it on the bed for me as I’m sitting there.

I unwrap it and start munching and he tells me about his day.

Apparently he went out to Thai food with a co-worker he’s friendly with and they went by our storage facility so that Chael could let him pick over the things we’re getting rid of. Chael ended up with new homes for several items. So that was a little bit of stress off me.

He also acquired from the co-worker some gently used ACUs that he wants to run by me so I check out what size Grace wears in Delta Chat and a set is going to her, the rest to be discarded somehow (I won’t wear an Army uniform again).

(Extended pause in writing)

Just got done with my nightly rub. Tonight I told him feet so we got in our normal foot rub position: blanket on the living room floor, me laying on my stomach, him sitting behind me rubbing while watching TV…. Some cartoon movie called Spirit or The Spirit, idk.

I fell asleep a few times while he was rubbing me. I just have to make it a couple more hours and then I can lay down for bed. If I fall asleep now, despite being up since yesterday morning, I’ll wake up mid-night.

Edited to add:

He showed off his Yoda to co-workers today. They liked it and he was happy lol.


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