Morning Cuddle

Chael got home from PT at 7am.

After getting undressed and all he came into my room and expressed he wanted to cuddle. We’d missed last night’s bedtime curl-up as he went to bed before 10pm and, well, I never did.

So we proceeded to have a lovely cuddle.

Our normal configuration is spooning on our right-hand side with him as the big spoon, his right arm stretched out under my pillow and holding my right hand. His and my left arms wrap around my waist.

So we’re lying there relaxing, enjoying the spooning. It’s a nice time of warm bodies, closeness, gentle touches, and teasing comments… Such as:

(he starts moving his legs around and pulling around the blanket)

Me: what are you doing? (wondering if he’s getting up)
Him: I’m adjusting the blankets
Me: okay

(he gets the blankets how he wants and returns to spoon-position)

Him: sweaty girl
Me: I’m not sweaty, you are
Him: that’s what you always say
Me: cuz it’s true!
Him: then why is there sweat on you?
Me: because your touching me!!

And so after a laugh we go back to relaxing with him sometimes drawing circles on my back or running his hand down my left arm.

Then Jonesy sees what’s up and decides he wants all in on the cuddle action.

Eventually we turn so I’m the big spoon.

Eventually, we get up.

And then he went and filled my tea cup again.

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